1. New allottees should show the allocation slip obtained from the hostel office to the Matron before occupying room
  2. Room key should not be handed over to any other person.
  3. All inmates should be in the hostel between 7 pm and 6 am. (Prior permission must be taken from the Hostel Office/ Warden to leave or enter hostel during this time)
  4. Visitors will be allowed in the Ladies Hostel only upto 6.30 pm.  Visitors in the Ladies Hostels must be received only in the visitors room.  They are not allowed to be taken in the rooms
  5. Guests are permitted only with the prior approval from the hostel office( Guest forms are to be down loaded from the CUSAT website and submitted to the hostel office along with the appropriate guest fee).  The approval letter from the hostel office is to be compulsorily submitted to the matron before occupying rooms.
  6. Guest accommodation is permitted only up to a maximum of 15 days.
  7. Inmates accommodating unauthorised guest will forfeit their right to hostel accommodation.
  8. Inmates should keep the hostel premises and mess hall clean and tidy.
  9. When going out of the campus  and on return the inmates must make   entry in the movement register
  10. Strict silence must be maintained in the hostel premises
  11. For late entry, requests recommended and forwarded by the HODs, (with two photostat copies)  must be submitted to the hostel office.
  12. For medical emergencies during night contact Matron
  13. Warden may be contacted at

Violation of hostel rules and indiscipline will be taken note of seriously and will lead to cancellation of hostel allotment.